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We have extensive experience of working in multidisciplinary teams across all sectors. We work with individuals with a multitude of conditions experiencing a variety of challenges and maintain ongoing communication and collaboration with all involved. We are able to create in depth specialist reports containing clinically informed recommendations regarding the functional abilities of the individual. Our experience allows us to create complex care plans and provide advice regarding appropriate long term placements.

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive reports comprising of justified recommendations for care and educational placements, therapeutic interventions and home environments. We offer occupational therapy intervention using a graded goal-oriented approach to support individuals in optimising their occupational performance in all areas.

Providing outstanding multi-disciplinary working to offer a collaborative, seamless and consistent approach for joined up care, with excellent communication regarding progress and regular reviews to ensure optimum clinical benefits and cost effectiveness. We strive to meet and exceed the highest expectations within our therapy interventions and assessments, whilst maintaining realistic expectations for the individuals with whom we work.

If you are working with a client or family who would benefit from an occupational therapy assessment and intervention, contact us to discuss how we can help.

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