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Laura Graham Occupational Therapy is a well-regarded, award winning therapist owned company based in Staffordshire, providing services across central England.

We pride ourselves on providing highly specialised assessments and therapy to assist any individual to reach their full potential. We offer specialist services including; sensory integration assessment and treatment, attachment and trauma work and assessment and intervention for feeding difficulties.

We provide a bespoke training consultancy service and contract work to a wide range of statutory service providers including Local Authorities, NHS Trusts and other health and social care providers.

Thank you for your commitment to the children. You are a real asset to both schools and I really don’t know how we managed without you.

Head of School, Sutton Coldfield

Laura, thank you so much for such a thorough assessment. It is so good to see information given, explained and how it related to our little man. The fact that clear pointers are offered in support of needs is equally wonderful.

Adoptive Parent, Staffordshire

I’d just like to thank you for all your support during the past few years. You have been amazing and we will all always be grateful.

Parent of home educated child with SPD, Worcestershire

Excellent training, lots of useful information. It occurred to me that my son may have lots more sensory issues than first thought. I feel more knowledgeable and confident about tackling sensory issues

Attendee at Skillshare ASD Conference, Staffordshire

Was a really good workshop, very good info and invaluable knowledge was learnt by me and my mum today. Thank you.

Attendee at Skillshare workshop on SPD, Staffordshire

Excellent training event. The staff loved the interactive activities and were very complimentary. Hopefully we will put all your advice into practise.

SENCo Staffordshire Moorlands following whole school training on Dyspraxia

This has confirmed what we have been thinking but it so helpful to see behaviours observed by someone outside of the family….and more importantly we have got an idea now of what will be useful to develop his resilience and self-management techniques.

Parent, Cheshire

She has come on so much since Laura has been involved. She loves the sessions, especially the messy play ones! ....We are seeing a real benefit in her school work and her behaviour at home.

Parent, Birmingham

I’ve read your report and just wanted to say thank you again. It is so refreshing to have what you believe to be true validated by a relevantly qualified therapist.

Matron, Inpatient Facility, West Midlands

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